About us

We are independent furniture designers and manufacturers who love cats, nature and design. We are a game changer in the pet industry, offering 100% handmade cat trees made from birch sticks that are selected and cut by us in one of the Polish forests! Besides creating practical eye catchers with a unique look, we concentrate on the safety of each product.

Story behind Cat and Wood International

One of the founders hated to look at that ugly synthetic furniture you can buy at the pet store. So, he designed a stylish litter box enclosure that can also be used as a cat house or cat cave! The litter box was the first success and first product. A great combination of design and practicality. 

Following our big success of the first product, we decided to take the next step and offer a handmade wooden scratcher. There are thousands of cat scratchers available on the market. Unfortunately, most of them are made from fabric which makes them unhygienic, and last but not least these scratchers are not representative - what affects your beautiful interior. On the other hand, you can find a wooden hand made cat tree but they are extremely expensive. 
We noticed a gap in the market, and immediately took action to provide handmade furniture at affordable price. Our second bestselling product was born! 


Handmade wooden cat tree scratcher

Process of each cat tree

Each cat tree is handmade by our carpenter, who goes by himself to a forest and select the best birch trees. Next, the sticks have to get dry. When they are dry, the bark is removed. Then, the carpenter starts putting each cat tree together and then reassembling them. In that way, we are 100% sure that all parts fit and that each product is stable and safe for your cat. The final step is to pack the cat tree and send it to clients! 

Our cat trees are 100% natural products, we don't varnish, paint the trees or use glue.

100% handmade design wooden cat tree!