Sleep In Style- A Way to Keep Your Cat Safe

We love cats because they look so innocent and cute. Cats are different from any other pet because of several reasons. Cat is a beautiful looking animal and has been one of the most popular pets worldwide, especially in the UK. A survey held in the UK showed that almost 18 percent of the total house owners prefer cats as pets.

cat sleeping

Sleepy Cats

Your pet is your responsibility. And when it comes to cats, you need to be very conscious about their safety. It is because cats are innocent creatures that love to sleep. It doesn’t matter whether it naps right next to you or at some higher points in your house. You have to make sure that your lovely kitten stays safe and no one disturbs it while sleeping.

cat sleeping

How Many Hours Do Cat Sleep A Day?

 You might have noticed that your cat sleeps a lot. It doesn’t mean that something is going wrong with it. Sleeping is one of the most important acts that cats love to do. You’ll be surprised to hear that cats spend almost 70 percent of their lives sleeping. Yes, you heard me right!

According to research, the researchers observed that a cat sleeps for about 14 to 18 hours a day. You might think it’s a joke. But it is an interesting fact that most people don’t know. Cats love to climb up high places in the room and sleep there. It is because cats feel safe at such high spots.

How To Keep Your Cat Safe?

Now that you understand the fact that cats love to sleep. And as a responsible pet owner, you have to keep your cat safe while sleeping. Cats need to sleep for a minimum of 14 hours a day. So you have to do something to protect your cat.

           cat sleeping

If your cat loves you, it will try to nap near you. Cats feel safe and secure with their owners. That’s why you have to show love to your cute kitty then you should maintain a distance of few inches when your cat is sleeping on your bed sideways. You have to keep a distance so that changing sides while sleeping doesn’t disturb your cat at all.

          cat sleeping on bed

The second scenario is that cats love to sleep at high spots, like shelves or rooftops. The reason behind this is the same. Cats feel secure in such high places because they think no one would disturb them while sleeping. If you want to keep your cat safe, you have to create high spaces in your house where it can climb and sleep. This style of sleeping at high rooftops, trees, or shelves lets the cat enjoy a peaceful sleep.

cat furniture

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that cats are by far the loveliest pets in the world. Cats develop a strong relationship with their owners and love to nibble, lick and nap with them. These acts show that your cat loves you.

In return, you have to show that you love your cat too! You can do it by taking care of your cat, feeding it fresh meals, and making it feel secure with you.

If you have a cat, then let us know what steps you take to keep your cat safe while sleeping. Thanks!