Cats are very attracted to humans. It is the nature of cats and, at the same time humans, are attracted to cats because of their humble and sweet attitude. Cats are the friend of humankind for centuries.

Although cats are possessive, moody, and emotionally unavailable, you will be surprised to know that cats are second world popular pets. You are also a cat lover and, around the world, you are also one in many millions. But you have to act like one in a million to get close to your kitten.

If you have brought a new kitten home, then the priority is to get close to your kitten. You have to be so focused on getting your new kitten to trust you. As a researcher, what if I suggest to you some ideas that make your work easy.

These well-searched ideas can help you. You need to implement them all and enjoy the desired results.


New kittens are usually scared and are afraid to deal with an unknown face. The first ten days in this regard are very vital, as your actions will be long lasting. Socializing is the first step in getting your new kitten to trust you.

Getting social with your cat is not a big deal if you are devoted to it.
Black cat

You need to give a separate room to your new kitten, where only you will be available to her. Other than that, arrange a radio or TV in that room so the kitten can go through with sounds. Try to sit close to the cat and talk to the cat but remember without irritating the kitten. Arrange some toys in the room and bring food on time that will be enough in getting your new kitten to trust you.


Building interaction with your shy kitten is the most vital part of getting a kitten to trust you. There are several ways to build interaction with the kitten. After providing your kitten clean and safe environment, the first thing you can do is start spending some time with your kitten.

cute cat trying to hide

Be patient while dealing with your kitten because some cats need time and space to start trusting. Slowly approach your kitten, extend your hands towards it and let your kitten smell you. If your cat is scare of you, then it might take some time to build interactions.

You have to be patient, continue approaching, and give your kitten free space to play and enjoy. Keep in mind that daily two-hour contact with the kitten is more than enough.

Don’t spend more this time at the start. Whenever you think that you are succeeding in getting your new kitten to trust you, you can spend the whole day playing with your kitten.


You have implemented everything in getting your kitten to trust you and still find your cat shy and scared.  I will suggest you something extraordinary to solve this rooted problem. Some cats are very moody and don’t get social that much easier. To build interaction with them you, need to try something extra.

2 cats

To get your cat social, consider another cat to give your kitten company. Cats also need affection. According to experts, cats are happy in pairs. They don’t want to be alone. So consider bringing another cat. I’m sure you will succeed in getting your new kitten to trust you.


From feeding, grooming, and cleaning everything, needs to be done politely, because kitten loves polite nature and gets attracted easily. There will be some difficulties in getting your new kitten to trust you. But you need to patient and devoted. It can take up to seven days for your kitten to trust you. I have suggested to you some important things up there, execute them to be delighted. Don’t forget to comment below and share your experience with us.