Interior design tips for pet owners

Home is a safe zone, it’s a place where we enjoy our time, feel comfortable and relaxed. One of a crucial part of our home is a pet. Many of us cannot imagine living without a cat or a dog. The love and happiness that we get from them is priceless. Right?

A house without a pet will never be a home.

Done with ugly furniture

Having a cat or dog does not mean you have to use this typical ugly cat furniture! You can also enjoy the look of your cat furniture. Only our imagination is holding us from the results!

When buying a piece of furniture, of course, safety of your cat is a number one but remember about functionality and the outside look! Make sure that this will perfectly fit with your interior or even add a sexy accent to your living room, bedroom, toilet or a hallway.

Creative cat furniture solution

A design, wooden cat house or a car litter box enclosure, can be used in different areas and as an additional item!

You can have a design side table and a cat house in one or a night table and a place to sleep for your cat. On the other hand, the box can be used as a private space for your cat to mind his own business which you can place in the hallway or toilet/bathroom.

Interior design advice

The way how you can use furniture depends on your own imagination. Would you like to get tips on how you can use the cat box in your interior? Send photos of your house and let us help you

Do not be ashamed of your cat furniture, be proud of it!